Stay For You

Morning Bells and Chimes , From the serene heart and mind ,Leads to the slight sensation of being moved ,For so long, It seems like I don't know what tears are anymore .
From the initial innocent ,Falling down to the freedom and madness ,Lit the candles of life and burn ,After it is the beautiful ends of ashes .
Every second ,Every minuet ,Every moment .
After long, What is in the eyes are the cold gray left from the burning .What is left to pull the heartstrings?

Those gentle but illusionary romance ,Those heartless but cold jokes .
Those crazy but ,but could disappear in a moment celebrations .
Everything that God plans ,Makes humans' eyes forever ,looking straight, but at the same time ,there is also the side in the shadow that only the sixth sense can detect .
From far away ,There are airplane noises ,airplane carrying the human world .Will soon carry me away with it ,But my heart will silently stay with you .