magnet lindsay lohan

lindsay lohan -Magnet
I don't know whether I should hate it or should like it
The way you read through me, i swear you were a pyschic
And I try to not reach for the phone but
Something bigger makes me call you
I don't know what to do
I'm into you
Is it gravity, chemisty, physically pulling me?
What could it be boy?
Cause I'm so drawn to you like a fool
I keep coming back, it's true
I can't stand it
You're like a magnet
You're like a magnet
I don't know whether I should move on or should move in
Maybe a part of me is fine with never knowing
Cause I try to leave, but that won't work
Cause being strong just makes it worse, so
What should i do?
I'm torn in two
Is it gravity, chemistry, physically pulling me?